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Travel expense- MintT Wallet

4.5 usd

“Mint T Wallet” is a personal ledger for travels.Travel expense manager, Personal ledger for travels, personal budget book, personal ledger with automatic exchange-rate conversionExpense plan requiring the configuration of overseas travel, business trip, domestic travel & budget.
For any overseas travel or business trip, you will not have to bother calculating some exchange rates for each purchase.All you have to do is type in your purchases denominated in local currencies (e.g. USD, EUR, etc.) on your personal ledger. Then, ‘Mint T Wallet’ will automatically convert such currencies into your default base currency.On top of overseas travels, you can also capitalize on ‘Mint T Wallet’ for any domestic travel.Furthermore, you can create a list of all personal expenses under budget using ‘Mint T Wallet’.
**Available features**Create a personal ledger per travel: Budget setting, entry of various currencies, automatic/manual updating of exchange rates, etc.View reports per personal ledger: Statistical graph for each type of expense, budget vs. expense data, viewing on expense list, detailed viewing on each expense item, viewing on purchase location list (map-based viewing), etc.Send & share your travel data: Saving in diverse file formats (e.g. txt, csv, html, xml, etc.), file sharing via messages or mails, etc.Back up/recover the saved data: Selective backup per travel, file recovery with backup file (‘.xml’ file), etc.Widget: Budget & total expense data, travel progress data, shortcut to ‘Add Expense’, quick exchange rate calculator, etc.For any use of map or automatic updating of exchange rate, you must be connected to any network. If you use any network service, some communication expense may incur depending on the network environment; therefore, extra caution should be taken when traveling overseas.